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The Legacy Universe's Timeline is as follows. Dates on some items are TBD.

  • 2050 Moon Base Zed Established
    • Asteroid Miners
  • 2075 Mars Base name Established
  • 2100 Europa Base name Established
  • 2150 Migration 1 starts
  • 2170 Arrive at Proxima Centauri
  • Inamata Drive Invented
  • Glom Wars
  • Last Message from Earth
  • First Contact

Thoughts on timeline topics:

First ship is semi generation ship. Figured 10-20 years to arrive. People trained onboard. Also figured multiple ships, 100-300 people per ship. 1000 minimum for colony to insure genetic spread.

Inamata drive is "Instant"(Maori) Drive. Cuts travel time down, say ~1 day per light year, or so.

Glom Wars - ConGLOMerate Wars. Mainly the rich corporations fighting for resources. Will need to establish the corps and spheres of influence.

Last Message from Earth. Is what it is. Do we know what happened?

First Contact. By who? What is the Race and Location? How advanced?

This list is by no means comprehensive. Just some starting thoughts.